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 Strategy For Dummies

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PostSubject: Strategy For Dummies   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:12 am

Time n time again whenever i teach ppl in dojo or train them (Ive trained HALF or arcanum.) I find that its usually the same thing ppl lack in. Usually.

1: Ok drop the running part k good? Fight like a man, dun run and wait till they come for u, It gets ppl mad. I dunt rly teach anti gang but u should know! Spam - mainly what i teach ppl not to do.

2: As simple as it seems do cc xx. Thats what i teach first. If u dun know that, ur gonna need special slowwww lessons. Ok what i move up from there is an Acc's unique combo. As in Taekwondo hold x spc. Or Phoenix press hold x then at end hold c. Specialties upon the exact acc. Plz note i dun know proper combos on ALL acc's but ik alot. Then i teach weapon combos. The basis for this is to use FAST (NOTE FAST) weapons. Most ppl r rly dum n select things like axe, or bazooka, or i even had lazer cannon -_- But by fast i mean like boomerangs, quick revolvs, most swords, most guns. I dun teach the average pursuit weapon combos i teach the juggle and suprise ones. As In basic soldier (or uni, spy, ma,etc) ccxx catch with boomerang while falling. Or ones where its unexpected, Like against autos, ccWEAPON n they like derp ow.

3: Tricky tricks. Like the false run, after being injured or showing of run, Boot it one way. Once just outside of his/her screen instaturn n do like a long reach atk (fast).

Another trick is "JP style" Where in u run at a person fake him out by jumping over him, quick turning midair n using a fast c, x or weapon (Very rare but maybe special too.) After this gets predictable try to make it unblockable. This is a common trick rly hard for beginners, get better movement skills b4 attending.

"Friend/Cwas Style" Is where u fight wearing something like a badge or doesnt have a standing special. Some styles like kn.ight have something called "Iframes" Wherein they get temporary time of invulnerablitiy. This is a rly rly hard style where u press spc at the exact time opponent is supposed to atk, negating any atk n sending them flying, This style works best if u dont lag and move exceptionally well.

"Guardbreak style" Or other wise known as my style ;3 It's popularity hasnt spread yet nor is it known as mine (Hush! its mine!) But it focuses on accs that have loads o moves that cant be blocked, HIGHLY anti manual but is NOT to be used on autos. Most accs that have charge atks fall under here. NOT hold atks. Charge atks. Difference: Hold atks are when u press an atk button and hold it to do a new atk, its slower than the original atk. Charge atks can not be performed straight from scratch u have to do the combo leading up to them then hold on the key of charging choice (Usually last hit in combo). Examples: Bullet notes hold c shoots loads o shots. Its charge is ccHOLDc (Not any pauses Dun end combo n start holdin c, hold inside combo). It is not to say all that can be charged is guard breaking. Just most.

Advanced combos. Most pros have at least one or two in their arsenal. Not simple things like Bullet note cccc jump spc jump spc axe. Thats simple. Advanced are ones randomly stubbled upon while training awkward combos. Heres one im working on with a nuuby acc. Icicle wand cccc (opp in air) HOLD C from last combo, ALSO while holding c move forward (No lock on targets) Then opp is in air again RUN throw mystery potion liquid vial thing he hops around RUN cc (same as starting combo) HOLD C from last set of moves RUN n clip him with a dash c or x. These advanced combos ARE RLY RLY hard and sometimes involve SPECIFIC styles. These are not practical in real battle but practice them so that they are ez'. Most acc's have at least One advanced combo.

4: Test against me. Its a recap. I test what u got down pack. N what u dont. currently none have beat me after training (legit, no lies (Reason being i count nuubs as the ones i teach. pros are practice)). Also note that i wont play u with regular acc's, i'll play u with the best of the best. Now im very generous in my ratings so if u can even attempt to pull off my teachings its usually A+.

5: Classes with pros. Usually only teach advanced combos with my best friends i dun teach advanced combos to everyone becuz its a waste o time trieing to teach them what they are.

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Strategy For Dummies

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